Thursday, May 17, 2007

The Angelus

This video was prepared to help you learn and pray the Angelus. Once you have made this practice part of your daily prayer life, you can use the video to invite others to renew their faith in central truth of the Christian faith, in which the mysteries of the Trinity and of our Redemption in Christ come together: the Incarnation of the Son of God. If we are Christians, we need to "know him whom we have believed"! The Angelus can help.

Promote the Angelus prayer! Include this link in your e-mail:, and consider embedding the video in your blog sidebar with the VodPod or Google video.


GearMaven said...

While there are growing movements to remove The Angelus from Irish RTE television, I remember fondly the 6pm bells sounding from the television. Even for those of lapsed faith, it had them pausing to reflect, take stock and thank God for blessings of the day. Even during last summer's visit, it was a cherished occurrence.

Mary Jane said...

This is splendid. I posted a link on my blog and I shall also promote this idea to everyone I meet (who seems likely).

I have a setting of the Angelus to very simple chant that I stumbled across somewhere. I think I may also try "Englishing" it for more festal occasions with a Latin-challenged group.

Again, I applaud your effort.

xaipe said...

Thank you, Mary Jane, for helping to promote the Angelus project video and for fostering this prayer of faith in the style that best matches your own gifts.