Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Angelus cards

To make it easy to pray (and promote!) the Angelus, you can order color postcards featuring a lovely della Robbia Annunciation photographed in its original location by Sr. Sergia Ballini. Your purchase will also support the mission of the Daughters of St. Paul.

Or you might try printing your own... using a template you can download and print using business card paper (I formatted it to Avery 5371, but you can fiddle with it to see if it will work with other pre-cut cards). You may have to work a bit to back them up correctly; it's a two-sided card (so download both front and back).

Keep a few for yourself in handy spots to help you remember to pray the Angelus morning, noon and evening--or on your commute to work, at lunch and on the commute home.
Open angelus-reverse.docOpen angelus-reverse.doc

Photo credit: Daughters of St. Paul (Sr Sergia Ballini, FSP); all rights reserved!


SNIKT said...

Sister, the wiki link for the front and back Angelus cards is no longer active. I would love to get these to print and pass out. Please let me know when the new link is up or I can send you my email address. Thanks!


Sr Anne said...

Sigh. The formerly free service went pay-only at the end of May. I will upload it to another service...soon!

Sr Anne said...

OK, try now.

GBouck said...

Hi Sister! It looks like the download link is just pointing to the image of the icon itself! Do you still have the .DOC of this prayer card?

Thank you!!

Sr Anne Flanagan said...

Yikes! Let me see what I can do....