Monday, May 25, 2015

Pondering the Angelus with Art: this Week's Annunciation Scene

With the return to Ordinary Time, we return to praying the Angelus and not the Eastertide "Regina Coeli" three times a day (morning/noon/evening), and The Angelus Project returns to featuring a weekly Annunciation.

This week's image, from the Walters Museum of Art, was carved in alabaster somewhere in the region of Nottinham, England, where there seems to have been a regular trade in alabaster images. While most of the carvings we see today are a sedate natural color, they were usually painted, and remnants of color remain. This piece had Gabriel's words of greeting painted on the scroll. A wonderful detail is the dove (representing the Holy Spirit) rushing toward Mary from the mouth of the Heavenly Father. It is the Father's Word who will take flesh in Mary through the overshadowing of that divine Spirit.

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