Monday, November 2, 2015

Praying the Angelus with Art: This Week's Image

Contemporary artist Caroline Jennings returns to the Annunciation frequently in her  boundary-pushing but intriguing work.

Annunciation with Yellow Dress (2006) could be a romance scene—in fact, the image is tagged with  “annunciation”, “couple” and “romantic”—but the the lily, the book resting on a stool, the prayerful pose of the woman in the yellow dress and the descending dove all evoke traditional Annunciation scenes. While the woman in the yellow dress fits within the space afforded by the canvas, Gabriel's legs and outstretched arm all extend past the boundaries the canvas provides. He is larger than life, an emissary from another realm, a fitting reminder of "things above" on this All Souls Day.' alt='The Annunciation' title='The Annunciation' style='border: none;'>
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