Monday, September 5, 2016

Praying the Angelus with Art: This Week's Image

From the Walters Museum of Art: Gabriel approaches from the left, pointing his finger towards a scroll. The Virgin, who raises her right hand in surprise, holds a book in her left. Her apron-style drapery has cascades of small folds falling at either side. A vase with a lily sits between the figures, and the Holy Ghost descends from the clouds above. The scene is set beneath a canopy of three trefoil arches surmounted by a band of dentils. The Annunciation box appears to be the only religious ivory known from the Atelier of the Boxes. The treatment of the architectural canopy is identical to other works from the workshop. The interior, which is the bottom of the box, is divided into compartments to hold a balance and weights. The sliding top of the box is missing.

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